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Year of Encounter

Prayer Theme - June 2017

That the Holy Spirit might give us new hearts, open to our parish efforts to deepen our faith during this year when we strive to grow as disciples of Jesus. 

St. Fabian Parish is ready to Unleash the Gospel and Become an Amazing Parish!


The purpose of Unleash the Gospel is to reverse the trend of contraction in the Church and return the Church to its intended and normal path of growth and of life. This is done by forming each Catholic Christian into a joyful missionary disciple of Jesus.

At St. Fabian, we will undertake this formation to become joyful, missionary disciples over a three year process. Our mission statement for the next three years can be summarized as


What does it mean to be missionary?

From the beginning of the Church, disciples have been called to be missionary. The Great Commission of Jesus propels us to "Go!" This is how the Mass ends as well, "Go in peace." Our lives must attract others to Jesus and His Church by our words and deeds. If we stop being missionary, the Church will shrink. Pope Francis is reminding us that the Church must not become a social club. We must be outward in our vision, looking to attract and serve the needs of the Lost Sheep. This is why we must transform the Sunday Experience into one that attracts and keeps those who do not yet know Jesus or who are lukewarm toward Him.

Encountering Jesus: Year One (2016-2017)

This year we will work to improve the primacy of the "Sunday Experience" through:

  • Hymns - which help us connect with Jesus personally
  • Homily/Messaging - inspire us to encounter Jesus
  • Hospitality - Welcome Desk, greeters, weekly fellowship
  • After Mass opportunities to encounter Jesus through prayer, formation, and through the community
  • ALPHA - A 10-week course in discipleship 101 will be offered twice
  • In-depth study of the Mass through books, after Mass teachings, and video series