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Christmas Altar

Arts and Environment will need help preparing the church or the Lenten season and Easter. Perhaps you could spare just an hour or two to help?

Tuesday - Feb.28th - 12:00 to 3pm for Ash Wednesday

Saturday - April 7th - 1:00pm to 4pm for Palm Sunday

Monday - April 10th -10am to12pm - removing the red and palms from the church

Thursday - April 12th - 9:00am- to2:00pm for Holy Thursday

Friday - April 13th - 8:00am to 11:00am - strip the church for Good Friday

Saturday - April 15th - 8:30am to 1:00pm - Decorating for Easter. After the blessing of the flowers and food we will arrange the Easter lilies.

Please let me know when you could help. Judy Kowaleski (248)553-4917 or

Arts & Environment is the group of volunteers responsible for decorating the church for the various liturgical seasons. Whether you enjoy floral arranging, creating beautiful spaces to worship, watering flowers, ironing fabric or climbing ladders–there is room for you on this wonderful committee!

Thank you.