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Stewardship (Monetary Donations)

Offertory Report

February Actual $90,294

Budget $108,000

Shortfall $17,706

Please click here to see the St. Fabian Parish Summary Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016

E-Giving Program

Parishioners have the option of having parish donations automatically withdrawn. There are a number of reasons we make the electronic payment (e-giving) program available to parishioners:

  • E-Giving takes money processing out of our hands and leaves it in the banks where it is most secure.
  • E-Giving saves the parish money because we won’t have to pay to print and mail envelopes to parishioners once they are enrolled
  • E-Giving saves the parishioner time by automatically making the payment and saves in fees for checks and processing.
  • E-Giving allows the parishioner to donate monthly to the Sunday Offertory on the first Monday of each month.
  • E-Giving allows parishioners to choose to participate in Special Offerings such as Holy Days and Bi-Annually to St. Vincent de Paul. (Dates are on the form.)

E-Giving enrollment begins about two to after the form is turned in or emailed to the parish office. If you fill out the PDF form electronically, please email the completed form to Mary Doot ( AND Paul Pyrkosz (

E-Giving can be altered or terminated by using the same form, just mark the appropriate box at top of form.

If you ever need to make changes to an existing donation or to cancel your electronic giving, there are boxes on top of the enrollment form to Change Donation Amount, Change Account, or Cancel.  In these cases, simply fill in the relevant information.

Thanks for considering this cost-saving and time-saving choice for giving. Please use the form below to enroll.


eGiving - St. Fabian 

You can also support St. Fabian Church by shopping at AmazonSmile. This links you directly to in support of St. Fabian Church.

To support St. Fabian School, see the PTG's Community Rewards page on the school website.