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Parish Outreach

St. Fabian Parish is committed to sharing our many blessings with those who have little. We do this through our Parish Outreach, both within our own community and on a global level.Globally we are involved in two particular efforts.

Our high school teens spend a week every summer at a non-denominational Christian work camp, repairing and rebuilding homes for the elderly, the physically impaired and those struggling economically.

John Paul School – Chelakura, Uganda. Parishioners Nancy and Paul Berrigan have supported the building of a school there, and have watched it grow beyond their dreams. Please read the web link given to learn more about this wonderful example of reaching out and helping others.

In all three of these instances, how can we, ordinary people, help??  First and foremost, pray for all of the people who struggle on a daily basis just to exist—and don’t forget to thank God for the blessings we enjoy. Secondly, our American dollar can achieve a tremendous amount of good internationally.  Just $100 will support a child through an entire year of school, in Uganda, which includes receiving one good healthy meal each day. $200 will support a student living in the dormitory in Chelakura, so that they do not have to walk 4-8 miles a day to get to and from school. Another way to become involved is to volunteer your time to participate in a mission trip—even if you are not medically trained you can help. If you are interested in either donating your time or your treasure to any of these important efforts, please check out the web sites that are provided.  For information on St. Fabian Youth Group Mission trips, please see their web page.

Locally we are involved in many efforts.  Among them are:

St. Christine’s Soup Kitchen

Our Religious Education children and school children collect non-perishable food

A group of dedicated parishioners serve a marvelous lunch for about 300 people once a month

Capuchin Soup Kitchen

One Thursday each month a group serves dinner for 300-500 people

COTS (Coalition on Temporary Shelter)

On the 3rd Saturday of every month we serve dinner to about 100 people

Rebuilding Together

This national program works with cities to identify and help citizens with home repairs. This takes place the last Saturday of April every year.

Housing the Homeless - St. Fabian welcomes 45-60 guests each year for a week in November. These people have nowhere else to call home, and we provide them with a warm, dry, welcoming place to rest for the week. We also provide them with medical care and delicious, hot meals every day.

Homebound Ministry - We take communion to homebound parishioners and to the residents of local nursing homes

Volunteers provide a wonderful luncheon for grieving families following the funeral liturgy for their loved one

A Prayer Shawl Ministry, where families experiencing illness or loss are given a beautiful handmade shawl which was prayed over as it was created.

A Quilters Group creates beautiful quilts that the youth group gives to the families they serve on their annual mission trip.


For more information, or to volunteer to help with one of our local parish outreach opportunities, please see their pages on the website, read the Sunday bulletin, and/or call the parish office.

St. Matthew reminds us of the words of Jesus:  “Whatsoever you do for the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do for me.”  Matt 6:25   St. John reminds us that Jesus challenges us with “I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.” John 13:15

Whether you are able to help through prayer, time, talent or treasure, know that your reward will be great in heaven!!