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Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)

CSA Pledge Online

The Archdiocese has made is simple to make and manage your CSA pledge online. I especially appreciate that they send a reminder email before they make the monthly withdrawal from your savings, checking, or credit card accounts. However, an even greater benefit of setting up the online account is the efficiency in which the pledges are handled. Less paperwork means less man hours to process. Pledges can be set up as a one-time payment, quarterly, or monthly on the day of the month you choose. And when you sign up the following year, all of the information is saved on the secure site.

To pledge online, go to Click on the green "Support the Archdiocese" button or the "Giving" tab on top. Select the 2016 CSA Campaign. Fill in your information as prompted. There is a video link in the upper right just in case you are uncertain. And the very last step is to choose the organization to benefit. Scroll down and select St. Fabian. Processing your pledge online ensures security and privacy as well as keeps our volunteer CSA team efficient.

Your stewardship is greatly appreciated.  God bless you for your generosity!

Paul Pyrkosz, Business Manager

CSA progress through August 2016