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Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)

Dear Parishioner,

As you know, I’ll be leaving my service to you as pastor at the end of June. I’m grateful for the many ways you have supported the parish, and me as pastor, over the past six years. Thank you, for your past generous support of our annual Catholic Service Appeal (CSA). 

One of the responsibilities of a pastor is making his parish’s CSA target each year. In his new role, I can assure you that Msgr. Hogan has already taken on some of the regular obligations of being the pastor of a parish like St. Fabian, before his assignment even begins. I suggested to the Finance Council that one way we might ease the transition of the new pastor – as well as the parish family – would be to launch our CSA drive early this year. Even better, if we could exceed the target early, it would help us to finance the growing hospitality ministries that make our Parish Amazing. With all of this in mind, I am inviting you to consider a prayerful gift and perhaps even increasing your pledge. 

This year, I encourage donors to make their pledge to St. Fabian’s CSA by enrolling at You may choose to make a one-time gift using a credit card or bank account, or even better, register your information and enroll in monthly or quarterly giving. The advantage of registering is that your information will be saved for support in upcoming years as well as saving time and ensuring privacy. Of course, if you are more comfortable using the pledge cards please do so. 

Please continue to keep me and our parish family in prayer during this time of transition. 


Rev. Jeffrey D. Day, Pastor

CSA 2017

CSA Pledge Online

The Archdiocese has made is simple to make and manage your CSA pledge online. I especially appreciate that they send a reminder email before they make the monthly withdrawal from your savings, checking, or credit card accounts. However, an even greater benefit of setting up the online account is the efficiency in which the pledges are handled. Less paperwork means less man hours to process. Pledges can be set up as a one-time payment, quarterly, or monthly on the day of the month you choose. And when you sign up the following year, all of the information is saved on the secure site.

To pledge online, go to Fill in your information as prompted and it will automatically select St. Fabian CSA as the beneficiary. Processing your pledge online ensures security and privacy as well as keeps our volunteer CSA team efficient. 

Your stewardship is greatly appreciated.  God bless you for your generosity!

Paul Pyrkosz, Business Manager