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We have have dozens of committees devoted to meeting the diverse needs of our parish. Each falls under the umbrella of one of our five Parish Council Commissions: Parish Life, Worship, Stewardship, Education, and Christian Service.

The WORSHIP Commission includes everyone who assists with parish liturgies and celebrations, including:

The STEWARDSHIP Commission is responsible for managing and allocating parish resources, including: Information Technology, Buildings & Grounds, and Development

The EDUCATION Commission focuses on faith formation for all ages through the following organizations:

  • Youth Ministry  (9th-12th grades) - Social and service opportunities for high school students
  • Religious Formation - Serving preschool through 8th grade, our Religious Formation program offers sacramental preparation for children in both St. Fabian School and Religious Formation classes, the Liturgy of the Word for Children during alternate Sunday Masses from September through April, and Vacation Bible School during one week each June.
  • School (Preschool-8th Grade) - All parents are encouraged to participate in the Parent Teacher Group (PTG), and each year a smaller group of parents assists as members of the School Advisory Board.
  • Becoming Catholic
  • Parish Missions/Retreats/Days of Reflection
  • Speakers/Workshops
  • Sacramental Prep for Catholic Adults needing Confirmation and/or Eucharist
  • Scripture Study

PARISH LIFE COMMISSION - These organizations work to build our faith community and enhance parish life at St. Fabian and include:

CHRISTIAN SERVICE COMMISSION - The Christian Service Commission manages many areas of service at St. Fabian, including: 

EVANGELIZATION COMMISSION - This area includes the Evangelization Committee