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Pastor's Weekly Message - "Day by Day"

(The Weekly Column by our Pastor, Fr. Jeff Day) 


(The Weekly Column by our Pastor, Fr. Jeff Day)


Farewell for Celia St. Charles This Sunday after 10 am Mass On behalf of our entire St. Fabian Parish family, I want to thank and commend Celia St. Charles for her many years of loyal and dedicated service to our parish family. It is difficult to find a single ministry in our entire parish that has not been shaped, fostered or started without Celia’s influencing hand. On a personal note, Celia made my time here much easier, because she bore the weight of many duties, mostly behind the scenes. She was a trusted collaborator in the leadership of parish for many years, and will be missed. Instead of being involved in full-time church ministry, Ce- lia will put those hands to work in the joyful ministry of being a full-time grandparent. The prayers of our parish family go with her as she enters into her richly deserved retirement. God bless you Celia!   

Catholic Service Appeal (CSA): Opening Doors to Encounter Christ  As we take up our annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) for 2017, I want to remind us about some facts about the CSA: 

  • The CSA funds the many ministries and services that no single parish could possibly afford: for example, the work being done at Sacred Heart Major Seminary to train priests and lay ministers.

  • The CSA pays the salaries of priests in special ministries: for example, Msgr. Hogan’s salary is currently paid by CSA in his work as Vicar for Clergy, and my salary will be paid by CSA when I become Deputy Moderator of the Curia.

  • Good news: our parish target this year went down by over $30,000, and is $154,000. Of this target, we have already received pledges of $35,000 meaning that we are $120,000 away from reaching our target.

  • Any overage of our target will be returned to St. Fabian and will be used by the parish to help in our new evangelization efforts.

  • Making a pledge to CSA has never been easier. We encourage you go make your pledge online by following this link.

Please prayerfully consider making a pledge to the CSA. As our theme for the CSA implies: a pledge to CSA helps open doors so that others my encounter Christ.

God Bless,

Fr. Jeff, Pastor

New Associate Pastor

We are excited to announce that St. Fabian has a new Associate Pastor, Deacon Andrew Dawson. He will be ordained to the priesthood on June 3, 2017 at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, whereupon he will become Fr. Andrew Dawson. Deacon Dawson is very excited to be coming to St. Fabian. Please pray for him as he prepares for priestly ordination and for taking up his duties at our parish.

For more on Deacon Andrew, see our announcement on the Weekly News page.

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