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The Parish Council, led by Fr. Jeff Day, is the coordinating and unifying structure of the parish community. It is the means of achieving full participation by the whole parish in its mission by giving all a voice in encouraging, guiding, and directing the various aspects of parish life.

The Parish Council reflects the various elements of the parish: young and old, rich and poor, clergy, religious and laity, people with divergent viewpoints.  Members are called to use their wide range of experiences to build up our parish out of love and concern for those whom they serve. They bring together the needs, anxieties and hopes of all the parishioners and of the larger community in which they live. They seek to discover, in the light of Christian faith, the direction the total parish should take. They express this direction in the objectives and priorities they set.

Worship Commission

The Christian Worship Commission services the parish in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism. In both areas the Commission promotes programs of education, planning and evaluation. Additionally, the Commission is involved in liturgical celebrations and is the liaison for relations with other Christian churches and religious bodies.

Christian Service Commission

The parish Christian Service Commission has a three-fold purpose:

  • To discover human needs and areas of injustice in the local community;
  • To develop means of providing service and eliminating injustice wherever it is experienced;
  • To enable parish people to be involved and develop leadership in programs or actions which aim to serve human needs and achieve justice, whether locally or in the broader communities of the diocese, state, nation and world.

Education Commission

The Education Commission is concerned with life-long learning as it is needed and experienced on all levels of human existence in the parish: pre-school, elementary school, junior high, senior high, young adult, and senior adult age levels; as well as giving special consideration to the potential persons. The Commission, in addressing the total educational needs of the parish directs efforts to the areas of: family life, mission and justice and peace.

Parish Life Commission

The Parish Life Commission serves the social needs of the parish. Community is a large part of who we are as Christians, and the Parish Life Commission’s goal is to invite all parish members to participate in different social events to strengthen the sense of community among us.

Stewardship Commission

The Stewardship Commission of the parish serves both the Council and their other Commissions. It has the obligation of planning, providing for, and supervising the financial affairs and physical properties of the parish by recommending to the Council actions that should be taken.

The Stewardship Commission is concerned with three broad areas: effective utilization of parish resources, budget, and Church support.

Evangelization Commission

The Evangelization Commission strives to foster within St. Fabian parish such an enthusiasm for the Catholic faith that, as parishioners live their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others. We accomplish this through acting in an advisory capacity to the other commissions within the parish, becoming the conduit through which various opportunities for faith enrichment can be augmented and shared.

Parish Pastoral Council Members

Pastor: Fr. Jeff Day

Pastoral Associate: Celia St. Charles

Chairperson: Bob Kelly

Vice-Chair: Adrian Van Bourgondien

Secretary: Tammy Piziali

Worship: Mark Brucki

Education: Carmen Hunter-Freeman

Christian Service: Anne Sweet

Parish Life: Alice Johnson

Stewardship: John Sgalia

Vicariate: Heather Gold, Barbara Burke

Youth Group: Brent Freeman