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Welcome to St. Fabian School!

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We welcome you to learn why St. Fabian Catholic School is trusted by so many parents for the educational and spiritual development of their children. Please contact us at 248-553-2750 to schedule a private tour.

About St. Fabian Catholic School

Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, St. Fabian Catholic School provides an engaging and challenging education from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our students consistently meet the academic standards and age appropriate benchmarks needed during this most critical learning period of a child’s academic career.
Educational excellence is equally matched by our strong commitment to the teachings of the Catholic faith and the spiritual, moral and social developments of all students.

The theme for the 2013-2014 school year is “Walking Kindly in Christ’s Community.”

Our mission statement: St. Fabian Catholic School is a Eucharist-centered community that empowers students to achieve academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our philosophy:

* St. Fabian School develops and educates the entire student in mind, body and spirit.

* St. Fabian School strives to utilize technological advancements and evolving methodology to educate its students.

* St. Fabian School respects and embraces a diverse student population.

* St. Fabian School provides a setting where the administration, teachers, parents and students work together for the advancement of the entire school community.

* St. Fabian School promotes Catholic social teaching, values and morals, which are reflected in the curriculum and climate.

Our Kindergarten through Grade Eight students benefit from being part of a Christ-centered community that supports an outstanding academic program through the devotion of our pastor, Fr. Jeff Day, the school’s excellent teaching and support staff, and a vibrant and dedicated parent community.

Everyone who enters through the front doors of the school is reminded that all are called upon to find Jesus in one another, and thus, learn more about the Kingdom of God. We believe that first and foremost, students learn to value and to put into practice those religious, academic, and social behaviors that demonstrate the importance of the call.

Strong academic classes in Religion, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies are enriched by instruction in Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish, Computer, Library, and Study Skills.  Our students learn the importance of treating one another as they would wish to be treated by others through a rubric-based program for positive student behavior that incorporates Catholic virtues and anti-bullying policies.

St. Fabian students benefit from a teaching staff that includes an Assistant Principal, a Counselor, a Learning Center, Library Media Specialist, a number of extracurricular activities including CYO sports programs, a National Junior Honor Society chapter, Band and Vocal Music programs, multiple service opportunities, a hot lunch program, parent PIP and PTG organizations that are vital to the success of the school, and much, much more.

At St. Fabian Catholic School, we’re involved, heart, mind, and soul in the Good News, and we’d love to share it with you and your family! Please continue to explore our website for more information, or call the school office at 248-553-2750.